Jumbo Flint Fire Striker


Jumbo Flint Fire Striker


An essential tool for camping, hiking, hunting, emergencies or survival kits. The Jumbo Flint Fire Starter has a thicker ferro rod, creating a larger striking surface and offering more stability when creating sparks.

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• Overall Length : 4-1/16"
• Flint Length : 2-13/16"
• Flint Diameter: 5/16"
• Metal Striker
• Plastic Handle
• Lanyard Included
• Great for Emergencies, Sparking Fires, Camping, Hiking Etc

How to Use the Fire Starter:

Gather tinder: twigs, dead branches, dry bark, grass, pine needles, lint or paper
Hold the flint at an angle over the pile of tinder, then slide your striker along the length of the flint forcefully to create sparks
Continue to slide striker against the flint until the sparks you’ve created land directly onto the pile tinder and ignite the fire
Once ignited, blow gently to spread flames to the rest of your tinder