6" x 1/2" Ferro Rod Fire Starter

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6" x 1/2" Ferro Rod Fire Starter


A Must-Have For Any Adventure

The 6” Ferro fire crafting tool is a great addition to your next outdoor adventure. With this firestarter, you will be prepared for an emergency. You can use the integrated striker or even a knife to create sparks with the long-lasting ferrocerium rod.

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Multiple Handy Functions

Our ferrocerium fire crafting tool also features a compass, whistle, and storage compartment. Easily store matches or tinder inside to stay prepared. The integrated keychain allows you to conveniently hang it from quickly accessible places such as a lanyard or backpack.

• Includes
 - Whistle
 - Compass
 - Flint & Starter
 - Ball Keychain
• Flint Length: 6"
• Flint Diameter: 1/2"
• Great for Emergencies, Camping, Fishing, Hiking, Hunting Etc