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FYI about our online store...
We spent thousands of dollars on having someone design and publish our online store, money that could have gone towards more new items for our store!  However, the payment processor for the platform we were using has deemed many of our products as "Not Suitable" for them to accept payments for.  Things like 1st Aid items and knives, just to name a couple.  So, we said FORGET IT!  We would much rather talk to you in person!  If you see something you would like to order, please give us a call or shoot us an email!  Your business is greatly appreciated!  And of course, our retail store is still open 7 days a week, so come on by!!!!
  1. Water Purification
    Water Purification
    Your survival plan is nothing without water! Personal purifiers, large volume purifiers and water storage is a great place to get started.
  2. First Aid
    First Aid
    From complete kits to unitized items to build your own, our 1st Aid section has everything you need!
  3. Long-Term Food Storage
    Long-Term Food Storage
    Start your food storage plan now and know you'll be covered for an emergency situation with up to a 25 year shelf life!
Authorized Dealer of these top brands and MORE!
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Why buy from an Authorized Dealer instead of buying something for "less" on Amazon or eBay?
When you buy name branded products from an Authorized Dealer like us, you are not only supporting a small business that's trying to compete against the "Big Guys", but you also have the peace of mind that the items you are purchasing are covered by any and all warranties the manufacturer provides for those items.  Many large companies now require a Minimum Price for their products to keep the marketplace competitive and keep the "Little Guys" like us able to offer products at comparable prices.  For example, if you see a product listed all over the web for $24.99, but then you find a place selling it for $18.99, chances are they did not purchase those items directly from the manufacturer and as such, will have no warranties or guarantees.
Here's What We're Up To...
  • September Scope Special - September 1st thru September 30th
​      Get a Bushnell/Tasco Scope with Mounting Rings for $18.99 when you buy $25 or more!

  • RK Prepper Expo @ KCI Expo Center- September 30th & October 1st
​​      We will have our usual booth and we've got some AWESOME surplus deals for this show!

  • Join us Sunday, October 29th for our FREE FALL EXPO!
​      A free showing of awesome products and groups from around the KC area.  For this expo, we're using the
      "Zombie Apocalypse" scenario to make it fun for all!  More info & list of vendors/exhibits coming soon!

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